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Teesside Car Buyer, Buying Cars Across The North East

Based in Hartlepool, but providing its services across the entirety of the North East, Teesside Car Buyer is a new company that offers to buy all unwanted cars and vans directly from the owner.


A newly launched Hartlepool-based car-buying company, Teesside Car Buyer, has just opened its doors to those who are looking to get rid of their unwanted vehicles. Offering their services across the entirety of the North East, this company will buy all manner of cars and vans, regardless of their condition, and has a website that can help car owners learn more about the services they provide.


The team offers to come directly to the client and pick up cars and vans in any condition. This includes non-runners, cars that have been damaged by crashes, MOT failures, and vehicles that are in any other way unwanted. Those who are looking for someone to buy a scrap car can get immediate access to their services through the new website launched by the business.


While many car buying services will not consider buying any cars that don’t have a full service history or a valid MOT, and might even decline to buy cars with high mileage, Teesside Car Buyer aims to ensure that the car owner can get the value they deserve for their vehicle, regardless of the condition that it is in. This includes any make and model of the car, regardless of whether or not it is roadworthy or is beyond repair. 


The team at Teesside Car Buyer offers a professional service, including free pickup, to all customers in the North East. While based in Hartlepool, they provide their services in Newcastle, Durham, Darlington, Sunderland, Seaham, Auckland, Ferryhill, Billingham, and more. Their team of accredited and fully insured scrappage teams offer fair prices, with DVLA forms as required by law.


When cars are sold to Teesside Car Buyer, the car, if not resold, is recycled according to the law with the use of an authorised scrap car recycling centre. The team has partnerships with 300 of these recycling centres across the UK and, when complete, will provide the owner with a DVLA Certificate of Destruction as proof that the car has been scrapped responsibly.


The team aims to keep the process of selling a scrap car quick and, as a result, has provided a form that can be found on the website. Car owners can type in their vehicle registration, whether the car works, whether they have a logbook, and any faults worth noting. By submitting these details, the owner can get a quick quote on how much they can expect for their car.


To learn more about Teesside Car Buyer, you can visit their website at https://www.teessidecarbuyer.co.uk/.

Please send any press inquiries to Robert Dudden, who can be reached at Unit 66, Usworth Road Hartlepool, TS25 1PD, or by phone at 01429705605. All email inquiries can be sent to info@teessidecarbuyer.co.uk.

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